Modifying antenna Larsen mobile

Modifying antenna beam so that Larsen (TX) and reception (RX) become stronger
Larsen Antenna much in the interest of his community special Briker in 2 meter.
These antennas are many commercially available either standard or are already racing.
What if the antenna so its standard Larsen that we slightly modified, whether to add emittance? Her answer of course depends on what materials we use.
One of them is the best way cheap and common way in modif Larsen antenna that is by replacing the coil (coil) or its cool language of his innate loading coil. His usual standard use
ordinary copper wire, the easiest way and the cheapest is to replace the copper with good quality copper, copper cuman his affection looking for good quality at the time of his hard now for mercy.

Modifying antenna beam so that Larsen (TX) and reception (RX) become stronger
His solution we are looking into a thrift or artisan collecting trashy, his usual there like there is a former copper electrical wiring that was once like in use at the time of dulu.Ciri his home home electrical wiring is encased by a thread that is woven, and his wire-colored white does not like copper today.
What I really feel much difference it feels, Larsen standaran coils replaced her with former tersebut.Daya transmit power cord stronger, more sensitive receptivity, of course, to replace its full rigor in the installation so that the result was good.
There was also that modify the coil coated by silver, its results can be better lagi.Cuman her risk may be more expensive modification costs.
Hopefully this time hopefully sharing can be useful for peer to peer and gentlemen ..
Good Larsen, Larsen to the car, make good Larsen, Larsen put in cars and motorcycles.

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